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Dexter was originally introduced to her by Debra, who responded to the domestic violence call and saved her life.

This marriage too would prove to be an unhealthy one, this time leading to her abuse at the hands of Paul and having to deal with his drug addiction.Her husband at the time was John Alan Ackerman, a 21 year old mechanic whom she married on August 16th, 1989.On January 6th, 1990 they divorced (as Dexter feels, was due to a teen romance quickly vanishing).Nevertheless, Rita tentatively started a real relationship with Dexter, while remaining unaware of how he spends all of his free time.Her past abuse made her temporarily uninterested in sex. Rita stood up to Paul by demanding he sign the divorce papers he refused in prison and she offers supervised weekly visits.

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She later finds Paul's shoe outside of her house—just where he said it ended up after Dexter knocked him out. After discovering what Dexter did to Paul, she suspects that Dexter owned the drugs Paul was injected with.