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They make a big deal about having an anti-scam policy, but it's toothless and difficult (at best) to enforce or make a claim against. We do not support the type of business described and let us assure you that it is strictly forbidden to be compensated for the use of our service.The "ladies" have lots of practice in steering clear of this useless policy. The communication platform that we built is aimed at providing people with as much communication means (chats, letters, video chats) as possible.My dating and matching requirements are as foolows: Recent picture,compatible age group,and some college education.This site did recommended ladies according to my requirements. It is my first time to sign up on love dating site, I found it is very interesting,the website shows me different kind of asian women,then I started to talked to a asian girl, I like her a lot. I can chat online and send some gifts to the asian girl I like, I can make the girl happy.

There are occasional real ladies, but almost certainly outweighed 100 to 1.

Be an adult, know who you are, what you want and what you're looking for.

If you're willing to settle, that's who you are and probably why you are single Overall one of the better dating sites.

Reused letters from ladies, clear shared topics as if they're the latest talking points, both in letters and in "chat" requests from ladies.

Old letters, referencing the "lady's" prior age (often off by years; clearly the lady has not seen your profile, references to "your country" all the time for ease of reuse.

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Let me also mention that if you exchanged contact details over the phone with your lady you can contact our customer support and request the details to be sent to you in writing. I said yes it is to show I am a sucker and have spent money on this site . So she said she was sick of working for the site and wanted to leave and get married to an American man . A user is allowed to speak to any of their "ladies" for 3 minutes before you are forced to pay $2.99 to speak to them an additional 20 minutes at a time.

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