Charged with intimidating a victim

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Charged with intimidating a victim

Some states insist on college degrees from prospective employees. Workers fired for wrongdoing in recent years have included a former brick mason, furniture salesman, mail sorter, sales rep, a machinist and a boxer. Inadequate personnel screening and standards: Having a violent or sexually abusive past has been no bar to employment with the Department of Juvenile Justice and the private agencies that operate Florida’s residential compounds for kids.At least not until recently, when the Herald began requesting personnel records and the department promptly wrote an internal memo issuing stricter guidelines. All my friends, they start jumping over the chairs, while Elord was on the floor and they went to stomping on him Cameras at the Miami-Dade Regional Juvenile Detention Center show the fatal beating of 17-year-old Elord Revolte from two angles.Thirty hours later, Elord was the one dead, the result of internal bleeding from that mauling, which two of the youths said was instigated by a detention officer.Hundreds of washed-up prison guards have been hired, including individuals who lost their jobs for sexually abusive treatment of colleagues, “improper relationships” with inmates, smuggling in contraband and sleeping on the job. One caregiver pleaded guilty to knocking out a disabled man in a group home, was convicted and still on probation when he signed on with a youth program in Jacksonville.

DJJ records are peppered with allegations of staff engaging in sex with detainees.

The victim’s mother says he was groomed by staff at the lockup to beat people up.

The alleged shooter was the recipient of one of those beatings a little over a year earlier.

One called it an “A-town Stomp,” and demonstrated to detectives by jumping on the floor with both feet. He said all he wanted was to kill the boys who had brutalized him.

I swung one punch and then I grabbed his shirt and hit him again. He ends up in a heap on the floor after more than a dozen boys, without warning, punched and stomped him for more than a minute.

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After Elord’s death, Miami-Dade criminal prosecutors and the state attorney’s anti-corruption unit began a probe in response to a Miami Herald investigative report on the incident.

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