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Dating drew peterson

He was sentenced to 40 additional years in prison, to be served after the 38 years he is currently serving.Peterson is 63." data-reactid="34"Drew Peterson’s situation keeps getting worse: Last year, he was convicted of hiring a hit man in an attempt to kill the prosecutor in his murder case.“In Scott’s case,” says Robinson, “the perception [among the inmates] is that he killed his wife, and yeah she was pregnant, but he killed his wife.He hasn’t encountered the challenges others face who have killed kids individually.” Robinson says Peterson still gets regular visits – several each month – from family and friends.It’s the same yard where Peterson now spends five hours a day shooting hoops, doing pull-ups and playing cards with other inmates like William Noguera, a prison artist who was convicted of murder for financial gain in 1983.“There are a group of guys that he hangs with,” Robinson tells PEOPLE, “but it’s not anyone of any (criminal) notoriety.” Predictions that Peterson might be ostracized – or worse – because of Conner’s death have proven not to be true.

The younger Peterson said that he had been supporting his family with his father’s pension.

Sitting in a 4-by-9-foot cell on San Quentin’s Death Row, Scott Peterson doesn’t have a lot of choices in life, but he can decide how to decorate his wall.

While many cons plaster their cells with pictorial collages, Peterson has only one photo hanging across from his bunk: a smiling shot of him and his wife, Laci.

Antonio Smith testified that Peterson had called Stacy “a dead woman” while discussing the case." data-reactid="36"In court last year, fellow inmate Antonio Smith testified that Peterson had called Stacy “a dead woman” while discussing the case.

PEOPLE reached out to Peterson’s attorneys, but did not immediately receive a response.

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It’s a much different pose from his most recent mug shot – taken in June of 2007 – where his dark hair was clipped short by fellow cons in the exercise yard.

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