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The programs were shot "in the trenches" where discoveries were unearthed throughout Africa and Europe.

Featuring interviews with world-renowned scientists, each hour unfolds with a CSI-like forensic investigation into the life and death of a specific hominid ancestor.

Zeray called the baby Selam, the Ethiopian word for peace.

Then he set off on a quest to unravel her many mysteries. Imagine the entire span of recorded human history, taking us back to the Egyptian pyramids, about 5,000 years.

And keep doubling, six more times, taking us back 1.3 million years, when the first creature who really looked like us hunted on the plains of Africa. His challenge is to release her from the tomb of sandstone in which her bones are encased. She's from a species considered by most scientists to be an ancient ancestor, Australopithecus afarensis: a small, chimp-like creature who walked on two legs.

It was a child from the dawn of human evolution, about 3.3 million years ago.Exxon Mobil is spending more than 0 million to build a plant that will demonstrate this process. Apes that had walked on four legs stood up and walked on two.I'm very optimistic about it because this technology could be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Eventually, this change in posture would be followed by a change in their brains. We know it happened, but we've never known when or why, until now.But not the baby teeth visible in her jaw: the adult teeth growing inside the bone, as seen in a CT scan. Like Lucy, she testifies to a crucial step in our evolution. As the first fossil Don Johanson found clearly revealed. And I gently tapped it with my sneaker and this is what fell out of the ground.And it is the, this is your, the top end of your shinbone. And very close by, in two pieces, I found this bone.

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However you picture your retirement, Pacific Life can help, using 401(k) savings, life insurance and annuities to provide a dependable income for the rest of your life. In the Sahara desert, a 6,000,000-year-old fossil called Toumaí¯ may hold the secret of how we first walked upright.