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Dating in parallel

Today their account has more 400,000 combined followers on Wechat and Weibo, a Chinese Twitter service (on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter combined, they have fewer than 5,000.) Their Web traffic doubled last year.

Their audience, Duan said, is Chinese people who are intensely specific about Chinese food.

They want to know if a spicy dish has "We needed a platform or a place where people could discuss food in Chinese," Duan said.

See more of our top stories on Facebook Zhao founded the site in 2011 after years of bad experiences with e Harmony, Ok Cupid and 2Red Beans, the Chinese Ok Cupid, helps Chinese speakers find love.They travel with ETAcar, a Chinese version of Uber, and order food with To, a delivery app that works with about 400 restaurants, most of which are in the Chinese neighborhoods of the San Gabriel Valley.The Chinese-language ride-hailing app, largely similar to services like Uber and Lyft, launched in 2014 and now has about 400 drivers throughout North America, with about 300 in Los Angeles, mainly serving the San Gabriel Valley.Co-founder Xiaotian Liu said he and his investors launched the company after bad experiences with American ride-hailing services on a recent trip.

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