Dating lucy fossil accurate

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Dating lucy fossil accurate

Skepticism about "Ardi's" Status as a Bipedal Ancestor of Modern Humans Assuming that their "extensive digital reconstruction" of its "badly crushed and distorted bones" is accurate, what does A.ramidus (or Ardi as the fawning media is affectionately calling it) really show us that we didnt already know?But skeptics argue that the published fossils are so chimplike that they may represent the long-lost ancestor of the chimp, not human, lineage.

Im sure they spent a lot of time on their reconstructions (and it certainly sounds like they did) but at the end of the day, its difficult to make solid claims about extremely unsolid bones.

The fact that Lucy's species sometimes lived in a more wooded environment began to undermine that theory.

The fact that Ardi walked upright in a similar environment many hundreds of thousands of years earlier makes it clear that there must have been another reason. Lemonick and Andrea Dorfman, "Excavating Ardi: A New Piece for the Puzzle of Human Evolution," Time Magazine (October 1, 2009).)In fact, this is an old argument.

Its rarely discussed, but there are a number of upright-walking, forest-dwelling ape-like species known from prior to 10 million years ago that are thought to be far removed from human ancestors. In fact, one Science article is reporting some serious scientific skepticism about A.

This implies that bipedalism in a hominoid does not necessarily qualify an individual as a human ancestor, and it also casts doubt on classical explanations for the evolution of bipedalism. ramidus being bipedal: However, several researchers arent so sure about these inferences.

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By Casey Luskin If you believe what you read in the newsmedia, another new alleged missing link has been found.