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Dating my housemate

, I remember thinking before I broke down his wooden bedroom door in a rage, slamming my whole body against it. I don't remember if someone actually told me or if the silence clued me in, but I freaked out. When we started hooking up soon after, we debated breaking the lease but decided we could casually date while living together. We spent the next two years hooking up on and off and making each other's home life a living hell.

The night ended with the girl storming out of the house in tears and Sean leaving to sleep at a friend's. Sean and I had moved in together as roommates but quickly became more. How dare he bring someone into his room during a party he knew I was at? For a while, it was nice to have someone to kiss and cuddle so nearby.

We saw each other after bad days when we needed time alone to unwind and someone to fling our frustrations at, but that's exactly what happened.

We were like raw nerves, bristling at the mere mention of the other's name. When you first start dating someone, you're not always exclusive, but you're also not living together and seeing him date other people.

You're around him all the time, you get along, he's there waiting when you get home from an awful date. Especially on TV shows like along with the rest of the fans. Because I know firsthand the idea is bad-news bears. came to that same realization when she found herself hiding naked in her bathtub, clutching her clothes to her chest.

The 21-year-old student and her roommate Matt had become hookup buddies after she moved in with him and his sister.

Bedding your cohabitator seems like an obviously terrible idea, and yet, for some, it's like putting chunks of meat in front of a hungry lion.

You watch your roomie towel off after a shower or cook shirtless and your mind wanders.

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"I felt like the lover of a cheating husband," she says.

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