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For decades, it has been the unofficial global standard, adopted in the pragmatic interests of international communication, transportation, and commercial integration, and recognized by international institutions such as the United Nations.However, BC is placed after the year number (for example: AD 2017, but 68 BC), which also preserves syntactic order.This calendar era is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus of Nazareth, with AD counting years from the start of this epoch, and BC denoting years before the start of the era.There is no year zero in this scheme, so the year AD 1 immediately follows the year 1 BC.Age: 20 Program/Year: Business major, English minor, CLA candidate Exec Position: Secretary Social Media: Facebook and Instagram (crist8na) I have a lot of English friends who were involved in Her Campus, which inspired me to join. Helens, went to see my sister in Abbotsford, and my parents in Seattle. I love getting involved and I think this club is a great on to be a part of.

The Anglo-Saxon historian the Venerable Bede, who was familiar with the work of Dionysius Exiguus, used Anno Domini dating in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, completed in 731.

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"However, nowhere in his exposition of his table does Dionysius relate his epoch to any other dating system, whether consulate, Olympiad, year of the world, or regnal year of Augustus; much less does he explain or justify the underlying date." It is not known how Dionysius established the year of Jesus's birth.

Two major theories are that Dionysius based his calculation on the Gospel of Luke, which states that Jesus was "about thirty years old" shortly after "the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar", and hence subtracted thirty years from that date, or that Dionysius counted back 532 years from the first year of his new table.

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It has also been speculated by Georges Declercq that Dionysius' desire to replace Diocletian years with a calendar based on the incarnation of Christ was intended to prevent people from believing the imminent end of the world.

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