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As George and Olly continue to push for a residency show in Las Vegas, Maronzio wants George to reschedule some of his current dates so he can spend time marketing a motivational program.

The first season finds George working with new manager Olly, who helps him pursue a residency show in Las Vegas.

But soon, all the other celebrities Sandler had lined up also back out, and George is left with Jerry Seinfeld (or so he thinks) as the only big name star who will appear.

Meanwhile, Erica tries to go to Burning Man without George's knowledge, and when he finds out, his worries for her impair his concentration while golfing.

As Olly and Gabrielo get close to closing the deal on a Vegas residency show for George, they determine he must develop an entirely new act, causing George to try and find comedy fodder in the world around him.

With the residents from George's old neighborhood turning on him, he instead ponders developing a TV series starring himself as a Latino private investigator.

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Finally, after she searches for his name on Google, she realizes he is famous and arrives at his house.