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Henry's been transformed into a super-soldier who's more machine than man.

Estelle is then kidnapped by Akan, played by Danila Kozlovsky, a supervillain with Psylocke-like telekinetic powers.

For Naishuller, having that technology at hand resulted in making a real-life video game.

Here's a little more about the plot: After an unknown accident, Henry -- or since it's a POV movie, you -- wakes up in a lab, and moments later his scientist wife, Estelle, played by Haley Bennett, screws on a mechanical leg.

Henry's only ally is Jimmy, another scientist, played by Sharlto Copley.

From there, we get head-pounding spectacle: flying through the air in a glass escape pod crashing toward the ground (and then the subsequent crash); fighting an army of Jimmys in a secret lab (if I explained why, I'd ruin it); fighting another army of super-soldiers on a roof in pitch-black night (yes, lots of unnamed, cartoonish death here, just like in a video game).

Through it all, Naishuller said, Henry is played primarily by three people, including the director himself, but about a dozen actors and stuntmen in all played the character. If the violence, or for that matter, a sometimes misogynistic undertone, doesn't get to you -- it's gorier than a Quentin Tarantino flick -- the camera work might.

While innovative, the POV style gets nauseating to watch over the course of an entire film, especially when most of it involves blowing people up or getting blown up.

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And part of the excitement for Naishuller was capturing footage that no one had ever gotten before to use for the length of an entire film.