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If you hear “Wait…how do two mommies have a baby without a daddy?

So your answers should start there.” Focus on relationships. The two people who love each other and start a family could be a man and a woman, two women, or two men. ” A simple answer, suggests Brown Braun: “You aren’t going to get married for a long time. ” A good, simple response: “I’m so glad you’re such good pals!Many already have been distributed in Orange County, and the rest were expected to be posted in The Bronx beginning yesterday.Joe Vousden, a retired NYPD detective and Breanne’s grandfather, said he made arrangements with some ex-colleagues to ensure Bronx cops were notified to look out for his granddaughter.Doctors also help two daddies get the female cells they’re missing.When it works, the people who love each other become parents. No matter what your point of view on gay relationships and marriage, young kids can’t really process that kind of complex information yet, says Brown Braun. Save the political or religious conversations for when your children are older.

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  1. Previous dramas didn't really do justice to his talent. I hope we will see him in more dramas where he can live up to his potential. Time enjoying your birth parents is time not wasted. I think it would be hard to live your life somedays.... But forget they are real people with hopes, dreams, good days and bad days. Kim Jae Joong has the best and most unique voice in Korea and everywhere. Always looking forward to listening to your songs, not to be prejudice but you have the best singing voice. Talented in so many ways, songwriter composer instrumental player, gosh I can go on and on. He, the one who wouldn't share his sadness and his pain because he's afraid that his fans will worry. and fox AND taiga should look up what the psychiatric association has to say about homophobes......i don't think you'll like the answer and deny it applies to you...