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It currently has a population of 78 million according the CIA World Factbook.Tehran is the capital and the official language is Persian.The Supreme Leader is the head of the country and leads Iran in political, social, and economic matters.The first Supreme Leader was Ayatollāh Siyyid Rūhullāh Khomeynī (1979- 1989) succeeded by Ayatollāh Siyyid Ali Khāminiī (1989-Present.) According to Articles 107 to 109 of the Constitution, the Supreme Leader is elected by the Assembly of Experts and is appointed for life.The law kept the core management of the government in main industries and allowed privatization of all other activities or participation of the private sector in expanding the previously public sector (Articles 2 and 3).The Iranian Legal System is structured as a civil law system following French civil law system. you always underwear and you can still I never seen those before and this is so exciting ...

Official statistics for 2007 put the number of transsexuals in Iran between 15,000 and 20,000 people, with unofficial estimates suggesting many more -- up to 150,000, the reports.hahahahahahha so cool jedi zan haye irooni injoori migan? But some of the girls give a way there Channel 1, knowing that these days they can get a pil that makes there Channel 1 bleed so the poor Groom thinks he was the 1st guy to enter Channel 1. inke be gf gheir irooni yad bedin to bed be farsi dirty harf so cuteeeeeeeeeeee. 2 movies with 1 ticket chak Yeh no doubt Iranians love Channel 2.Under the Constitution, Iranian economy has three sectors; public, private and cooperatives.After the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, almost all strategically situated economic sectors became nationalized or expropriated for the purpose of redistribution of wealth.

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In 2008, a new wave of criticism over the disproportionate state ownership and its inefficiencies in promoting economic development in the country brought attentions to Article 44 of Constitution.

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