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Liberal online dating

When you feel helpless, and you think someone can do right by you, it’s natural to use them as a resource." Coffee Meets Bagel's survey showed that Democrats are feeling more affected by politics and are less open to date a Republican than vice versa. It could be because frankly, Democrats are traumatized by President Donald Trump."The Trump victory has had a profound impact on many of my patients," said Jonathan Alpert, psychotherapist, relationship expert, and author."I have found it interesting and a bit sad exactly how many men message me just to put me down or tell me I’m wrong.

We’ve seen a similar pattern of increased subscription since November 8, 2016," he said.It's also not surprising that more Democrats are feeling the impact given that their party lost.Their general mind set might be more negative, pessimistic, and anxious, [which isn't] healthy for having a positive dating experience or love life.If you're single and actively dating, this year's Valentine's Day may have been your crummiest yet.And not for the usual reasons like lack of chemistry or the person being nothing like their profile promised — but because of whom they voted for, and what political positions they support.

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Unless you really do feel better off just taking a break from it all for a while.