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New caledonians  dating

New Caledonia is one of the world's largest sources of nickel, and mining and metals processing plays a major role in the economy.

Its main nickel producers, Societe Le Nickel, a subsidiary of French conglomerate Eramet, Glencore Plc and Vale, were not immediately available for comment.

Donna is the third late-season cyclone to sweep through the Pacific, after storms called Debbie and Cook pounded Australia and New Zealand.

Stephen Meke, a senior forecaster at the Fiji Meteorological Service told Reuters it was "very unusual" to see such a powerful storm well after the summer months have passed, but there was not enough information to determine if climate change was a reason.

Immaculate beaches, precipitous cliffs, deep forests, immense caves...

the variety of scenery in this beautiful island are echoed in the open and enterprising nature of its inhabitants.

"There is enormous uncertainty about the speed and trajectory of Donna at the moment, we are unable to tell people how long they will have to stay at home for," Olivier Ciry, a spokesman at the Civil Defence and Risk Management agency told Reuters by telephone.

This stood at ,000 per capita (the highest in the Pacific except for Nauru) but the vast majority of the money was concentrated in the hands of European - mostly French-business people, the metros, who enjoyed incredible fiscal benefits, and the caldoches who monopolized the most important official oppositions.

In July 1984, the French National Assembly passed special bills concerning the colony's autonomy, though it rejected amendments submitted by pro-independence parties, confirming Kanak fears that the socialist government of France had no intention of granting independence.

They will be happy to welcome and share with you the wealth of their traditions.

SYDNEY/PORT VILA, Vanuatu, May 8 (Reuters) - A cyclone bearing down on New Caledonia in the South Pacific was upgraded on Monday to a category five storm, the most destructive wind-speed level, prompting local authorities to order people to stay indoors and take shelter.

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A month later, pro-independence leader Pierre Dederco, a Catholic of European origin, was murdered at his home by right-wing extremists, changing the malaise to a full blown political crisis.

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