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The picture to the left shows a later version PL-7D micron transmitter probably dated around 1990.

This version used simple mechanical in-flight trims and the later 4017 coder. Although complying with the UK 100mw emitted radiated power, a 2000mah battery pack could provide 20 hours flying time with a low voltage twin LED indicator.

The transistor gives around 10/12d B gain when fitted correctly.

If you have an oscilloscope, the following can be checked.

Resetting visually as compared with a working receiver or a new replacement coil is a useful start.

Mild jittering or servo noise using the Micron FET receiver.

The transmitter had developed a fault that was not repairable but the hardware was still excellent including sticks, switches, meter, antenna etc.

The replacement coder is interchangeable with the earlier type and used bog-standard easy to get electronic parts, these were available from most electronics shops.This fault only occurs if the capacitors have been mounted very close to the board where the thermal shock of soldering is increased.If in doubt another 104 cap can be touched to the bottom of the PCB, across the suspect cap, during test to see if the problem clears.Often customers use flux on the boards when soldering which unfortunately has an acid content and therefore adds many unwanted resistors to the circuit.This condition can be detected visually with residue on the boards.

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This peculiar effect turned out to be talking and music from broadcast transmissions on the 13 MHz band! A simple series LC filter in the antenna circuit was fitted and this completely eliminated the problem.