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And yet, I find that I must do more to protect my way of life.

This is precisely why I installed the Envirolet Waterless Self-contained Basic Plus Non Electric composting toilet.

I used Google to widen my search but ended where I started with Envirolet.

I also called Tech Support with questions not answered elsewhere.

They have any Envirolet MS10 waterless composting toilet system installed in their cabin.

Another great Buzz post with these cool photos and comments from Nathan and Suzanne in North Carolina.We have had the toilet for 5 years and it is wonderful. North Carolina Thanks for the wonderful photos and testimonial, we really appreciate it!Send us your Envirolet Buzz and we’ll send you a gift certificate to use online!The next morning I realized that we had added thousands to the value of our cottage for very little work and helped the environment by doing away with the outhouse.As you can see we have built a small shed over the outside part and everyone thinks it is a garden shed.

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SOooooo we decided, after a lot of research, to go with the Envirolet. (We have many more "Buzzes" to post so come back for more.) "During the past several years my goal has been to protect my simple lifestyle through Emergency Preparedness.