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Serbian dating traditions

Characteristic features of Serbian dress include opanci, footwear dating back to antiquity.Traditional Serbian female dress consists of opanci, embroidered woolen socks that reached to the knees and nazuvice.The oldest pieces of costume are very similar to those in the place of origin e.g.male and female shirts, female waistcoats, gunj, aljina, red cap, Mali fez with shawl, zubun, pelengiri, kabanica.Women wear white dresses under black zobun, which has gold stripes on borders, decorated aprons and white kerchiefs around their heads. The traditional urban dress of Vranje is a mix of local tradition and oriental influences.The male costume consists of dark trousers and gunj with red stripes at the end of its sleeves, red silk belt and the black shoes.Linen was also made within Serbia while silk was grown at the Dečani Monastery as well as near Prizren.Few secular garments have survived from the medieval period the most notable being the costume worn by Lazar Hrebeljanović at the Battle of Kosovo.

Serbian costume is also known for the variety of textures and embroidery.

Scarves and caps bordered with cords were worn as headdress.

Girls also wore collars, or a string of gold coins around their throats, earrings, bracelets, and their caps were decorated with metal coins or flowers.

), like any traditional dress of a nation or culture, has been lost to the advent of urbanization, industrialization, and the growing market of international clothing trends.

The wide range of regional folk costumes show influence from historical Austrian, Hungarian, German, Italian, and Ottoman Turkish presence.

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Nonetheless, the costumes are still a pinnacle part of Serbian folk culture and, fitting with the attempts to preserve this folk culture, it was not uncommon to see rural women in traditional working costumes all the way until the end of President Josip Broz Tito's term.

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