Tang yan and roy qiu dating

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She immediately bent her body and hid her face behind the steering wheel.

She then quickly drove off and dropped Roy behind to deal with the reporters.

Instead of devoting my time to translate SWAK novel (sorry readers!

), I've been marathoning through a lighthearted, somewhat cheesy remake of Frog Prince called Waking Up Love.

I always heard about Roy Qiu, but never actually watched any of his series before Waking Up Love.

I have an fellow Chinese Feng Mi Shipper buddy (she's married with a 3 year boy) who strongly recommended that I check out his dramas.

During a recent promotion for her new drama, Tiffany hinted at Roy’s cheating behaviour when she said that she no longer wished to “befriend a dishonest person”.

Upon reaching Roy’s place, Tia was visibly shocked when she spotted the paparazzi.

After watching some random clips of Roy Chiu in police uniform in Unbeatable and his Waking Up Love's business attire, I think this guy is one of the best looking or pretty Chinese actors out there.

I literally mean it when I wrote "pretty," particularly his eyes.

I actually attempted to watch this drama more than two times last year, before finally building enough motivation to finish it yesterday.

My first two attempts utterly ended in failure because I never got passed Episode 4.

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At last year’s race, Roy sticked a photo of Tiffany inside his racing car and took the second and third spot.

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