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Taylor momsen dating ben phillips

Sadly, Kirstie’s tweets reveal that she is still a slave to Scientology and might never change.

Fortunately, Kesha’s music skills far exceed her design ability and her career is flourishing.

(Above, Corey and his wife Courtney Anne Mitchell, 28, at Tao) Photo Credit: AKM-GSI It’s nice that Kesha is obviously a fan of Patsy Cline and she’s knocking off Patsy’s gorgeous gabardine cowgirl suits designed by Nudie the legendary rodeo tailor.

However, Kesha’s updated versions leave a LOT to be desired.

She pointed out that violence and suicide are common side effects of anti-anxiety drugs.

Of course Scientologists have an inexplicable hatred of psychiatrists and the drugs they prescribe, and blame them for many of the world’s problems.

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After living together for seven years, Linda says she left Garry because she wanted a baby and he did not.