Teenage daughters and dating find information on internet dating

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I'm a single father with full custody of my three kids. I said the same things I have said in the past to her and her older brother. Outlined the risks involved including STD's and pregnancy. I am just at the beginning stages with my young teen and it’s hard already.

I took my middle child to the doctor for a follow up of her acne. I didn't get mad and asked if I need to buy a shoebox size package of condoms. As the above poster said, she needs to feel that she can trust you and know that you will, if anything, 'listen'.

They had her on an antibiotic and it's not working very well. Some girls find it hard to be open up with their mothers about how their general day was let alone sex issues..with fathers - that's even tougher!

Outlining the risks is important but so is making sure she has all the information she needs in order to make an informed decision.

Asking her about the condoms probably just made her feel uncomfortable; no one wants to hear their dad say that.

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You have done your job, just keep continuing to do it.

We are all sexual beings and we can all make good decisions if we have the correct information. Make sure she has good information so she can make her decisions based on facts and not in the heat of the moment, when none of us is thinking clearly.

The great thing is that you can keep the conversation going.

It doesn't have to be a one time thing but rather a dialog over time.

Good poster, Iam the mom of a daughter who is 17, she has high standerds, because she was raised with them, mainly that you should respect each other, wait till you are able to 'afford' children to have them, (feed, cloathe, ect) and that a pregancy is the least worry to have in having sex (wether early or waiting till later.)When she had to go into the doctor to talk about birth control (for acne and heavy periods) I did tell her that the doctor would want to speak with her in private, and that it was confidental.

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Just keep the lines of communication open, and you will manage . It will make you very uncomfortable but you need to talk to her.