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Updating sony blu ray firmware

Depending on the manufacturer, upgrade disks sent out by mail typically take 7 to 21 business days to arrive depending on your location.Once you receive the disk in the mail, consult your Blu Ray player's owner's manual for the procedure regarding "Upgrading Firmware Via Compact Disk" for your particular model.

You can update the player using the latest software to enhance the product operation and/or add new features.Many people consider Blu Ray players to be static devices that require no additional maintenance after purchase.However, Blu Ray players actually have more in common with computers than with traditional DVD players.Most manufacturers are constantly upgrading the firmware for their Blu Ray players in response to customer feedback and to improve performance.Firmware upgrades can also enable new features and playback capabilities. If you have access to the Internet, your Blu Ray player can update it's firmware by dialing in to the server at the manufacturer.

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