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Updating to mac x 10 4

These discs will work on all supported models of Power PC Macs and are the best ones to have or try to find via resellers.The bundled install discs that came with G4 and G5 Macs do not work across the board on all models – again trial-and-error.They also usually don’t offer the Full Install or Archive & Install options, just the Upgrade option.In many cases upgrading (versus replacing) isn’t the ideal method to use, particularly if the older system is cranky and not performing correctly.Using Classic mode on a Power Mac G3 or better, it is still possible to run many applications compiled for the original 680×0-based Macs as far back as the 1980s.

I have had luck using the 10.4.10 installer that came with my Mac Pro to reinstall Tiger onto an early Mac Book, but a Mac Book Pro installer from the same era didn’t work.

This makes sense – until you need to reinstall Tiger on an Intel-based Mac.

The original Intel i Mac, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac mini models, which came with Tiger from the factory, all use different custom install DVDs.

This may be a budgetary decision, since upgrading to Leopard requires obtaining an installer, possibly some application updates, and often adding more RAM.

Leopard’s minimum RAM footprint is about twice what Tiger requires.

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You do need the original discs – just at the moment (of course) when you can’t find those little envelopes that came bundled with the snazzy Apple cleaning cloth and window stickers you safely saved for future use. Once you find (or borrow) the right installer disc(s), it’s a good idea to make a safety copy for future needs.

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