Validating data input

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Validating data input

An additional flag, method, and then the values and any validation error messages are stored within the input filter instance for later retrieval.This can cause issues if you wish to use the same input filter multiple times.As an example, let's say we have a "transaction_id" field, and that we need to check if that transaction identifier exists in the database.As such, we may have a custom validator that depends on a database connection to do this.When required, an input will be considered invalid if the value is not present in the data set, or is empty.

For example, a student's age might be 14, but if 11 is entered it will be valid but incorrect.When you restrict the data entry to text, you can specify the range of the minimum and maximum text length (in characters) or, even better, a list of permissible text entries that you can select from a pop-up menu (opened by clicking a pop-up button that appears to the right of the cell whenever it contains the cell cursor).When using Data Validation to restrict the type of data entry and its range of acceptable values in a cell, you can also specify an input message that is automatically displayed next to the cell when you select it and/or an error alert message that is displayed if you try to input the wrong type of entry or a number outside the permissible range.Second, the configuration-based approach allows you to store the definitions in configuration, and potentially even also ensures the configured filter and validator plugin managers are injected in the factory used by the input filter, ensuring any overrides or custom filters and validators you've defined are present.To make this work, the base your inputs and nested input filters, everything will be properly configured!

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To use the Data Validation feature, put the cell cursor in the cell where you want to restrict the type of data entry that you can make there, and then click the Data Validation button on the Data tab of the Ribbon (or press Alt AVV).