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The mother of the child will always have legal recourse. Nice but dumb guy from a farm with no female experience. I think it's yet another example of a very old human activity with a slightly new face put on it.Poor naive woman in Scotland was angry she got pregnant by a Navy guy that told her he was sterile. Division officer asked him if used protection, he replied 'I didn't have to. From what I've heard and seen, women who wanted to get preggers and didn't care who the father was have been doing it since they figured out how to do it. I'm sure that there will be people who have long standing agendas of one kind or another will herald this as yet more proof that they are right, as such folks always do.The show interviewed an 18 yr old gal, told by her doc that she has some ovary issue that may make her fertile by her 20's, so she's got mom's permission to be looking around these sites.thankfully for everyone but the donor, the young lady decided to not have sex w/ the selfless good Samaritan and will become a teacher instead (boy, she woulda made such a great mom). So yeah, be careful where you make your returns? but just listening to the chutzpuh of the donor, "oh yeah, I had sex with seven women so far, just to help..." I couldn't keep a straight face.They interviewed one donor who's hooked up with seven women, tho he realizes there's some abuse of the system out there, and of course he's only doing it to help people. then i thought about some of the fellows who've posted here--what a great scam for them, lolstill, someone might be able to show me another side of this, make it sound....better. In an exclusive clip from Thursday night's episode, the tension between Romeo Miller and Angela can be cut with a knife.Romeo, who said he was blindsided by Angela's engagement news, is even more surprised when Angela reveals her good news."I'm happy that Angela is finally opening up and sharing this private news, but finding out that Angela is pregnant here, over a dinner, it's pretty obvious that we're not as close anymore," he says.

Getting a bit weary of watching her kind of mosey around the barn, standing half in shadow, occasionally receiving a visit from the vet?

Someone will claim that it proves that the US is in a state of moral decline. The parties agreements were not signed in the presence of an ATTORNEY. Actually, there's a few things wrong.1) I believe you are referring to a case in KANSAS2) There's no proof money changed hands and nobody is admitting to it.3) The Lesbian couple downloaded the contract.

Someone will claim that it proves that the internet is the Devil. If I recall it correctly the papers were drawn up by an attorney (his), and presumably signed in the presence of one (or more), any good attorney would insist on that. Apparently no attorneys were involved - which you appear to have correct.

Sperm banks operate under lawful guidelines, and those who donate won't know the recipient and he will remain anonymous at all times.

This is never the case if you impregnate a woman the "natural way".

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"I don't know if you guys may or may not know, I'm actually expecting my first child," she tells the group.

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